How to Save on Travel Essentials

Summer holidays are relaxing but too often preparing for them and paying for them are
anything but! You can start making your hols more relaxing before you even decide where
you are going this year. Whether you are heading off to distant lands or just piling in the car
to enjoy the beauty of a different part of Ireland, organising some of the basics you’ll need in
advance avoids a lot of last-minute panic. Here are our top tips for saving on your summer
holiday travel this year.

1. Shop early. Think about basics you’ll need in advance so you can avoid last minute
panic buying them at the airport, where you are sure to pay much more.

2. If you are flying, check the luggage restrictions and make sure you have cases that
meet the most narrow requirements. A small duffel bag or backpack is always handy
even if you are just going on a day trip.

3. You’ll also need small travel toiletries if you are flying. If you’d prefer to save money and
do your part to prevent waste, you can buy a set of tiny travel toiletry bottles to fill with
your favourite shampoo, body wash and creams. You can use these over and over for
many years.

4. Travel insurance is great to have, but you’re more likely to need a basic travel first aid
kit. You can keep it in the car when you’re home and pop it into your baggage when you
are travelling. If you have children, you know how often those little knees get skinned.
Always check your travel first aid kit has plenty of plasters.

5. Parents know how important it is to have some basic childproofing at home when you
have a toddler, and it is just as important while travelling. You can’t put in anything that
screws into or sticks to walls of course, but you can carry child safety door stoppers for
hotel rooms or self-catering accommodations, where you are likely to find doors that
automatically close. That’s good for fire safety but it does put those little fingers at risk.

6. Small children are prone to fall asleep in cars, trains and airplanes – often with their
heads flopped awkwardly. A child-sized travel neck support pillow can help them stay
comfortable while they enjoy some sleep on the road.

7. Adults don’t share that talent for dozing off easily, especially when we are travelling. A
simple sleeping mask is a cheap solution to help you sleep. It’s great when you are jet
lagged and need to catch up on a sleep while it is light out.

You can save yourself a lot of stress and money by getting the essential travel basics early,
when you aren’t under pressure and can shop around for the best deals. Having the basics
at hand means you can be spontaneous and opt for a great last-minute deal or just hop in
the car for a weekend away.

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