Decorating on a Budget

Festive but Frugal Christmas
Decorating Tips

Christmas is coming fast, almost as fast as electricity prices are rising. Even without soaring
inflation, it makes sense to keep the electricity use under control. This is the time to explore
how to keep your holiday merry and bright without sending the bills through the roof. You can
light up the short, dark days of December on a budget if you make a few upgrades to your
Christmas decorations. These tips will help you get the most bling for your buck when
decorating this Christmas.

Swap Plug-ins for Batteries

One way to enjoy festive lights without affecting your electric bill at all is to use
battery-powered ones. Another bonus of these is that you can put them wherever you like
without worrying where the nearest socket is. Put a star in the window or add a light-up train
or a cosy lantern to the mantel. To really brighten your holiday, try a LED Christmas tree skirt
or pop some light-up Christmas present boxes under the tree. Adding a festive glow to a
normally dim spot has a real wow factor.
If you use plug-in lights, you can limit the cost by limiting the amount of time they are on. You
don’t have to put them on the minute the sun sets, and you can knock them off after a few

Add Shiny, Shimmering Surfaces

You can maximise the light by decorating with surfaces that reflect it. Adding a mirror to a
room does this year round. At Christmas, you can change cushion covers and table runners
for shimmering seasonal ones. A diamante table runner, for example, will glimmer under the
overhead light or any candles, making the room sparkle without using any extra electricity.
You can pop a Christmas garland up almost anywhere, so they are fantastic for awkward
White also reflects light. Choosing Christmas decorations with a snowy theme creates an
airy, elegant look that picks up whatever lighting you use. It’s a great way to keep a room
feeling open and bright without using extra electricity.

Keep it Cosy with Candles

Candles are classic, traditional Christmas decorations. Our ancestors used them long before
they had electricity! Nothing beats the soft glow of candles at Christmas. Always use candles

with care, especially if you have children or pets in the house. LED battery-powered candles
are a clever way to enjoy a candlelight Christmas without worry.
We don’t normally think of Christmas decorations as a way to save electricity, but when you
choose the right ones they can do just that – as well as make your home look beautifully
festive. During this season of short, dark days, we need the boost that sparkling seasonal
decorations give us. This year, a few easy changes mean you can get that boost by decking
your halls with some new bits and bobs that won’t leave you impersonating Ebenezer
Scrooge when the electric bill arrives.

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