Decorating for Small Spaces

Decorating a Very Small Space for

Apartment dwellers and those who live in small cottages, tiny homes, granny flats or similar
homes learn many tricks for making the most of every centimetre of their space. Efficiency is
essential when you are arranging furniture in limited square footage. And most of the year, it
can be great. But what do you do when Christmas rolls around? Especially if you are
someone who loves Christmas?



With a little inspiration, you can transform your small home into a festive, cosy place to
celebrate…as long as your celebrations don’t include dancing! The trick is to think outside
the box. Absolutely include a Christmas garland, but you don’t have to limit yourself to
traditional approaches. Today, Christmas decorations in Ireland go beyond big, bulky items
to embrace homewares, cushion covers, duvet sets, blankets, chair covers and more. You
might not have a space for a huge tree, but you can still deck your halls and bring some
Christmas magic into your home.

Homeware as Christmas Decorations

One clever way to squeeze more festive looks into a smaller home is to use special holiday
theme homewares and soft furnishings in place of your regular ones. Tis the season for
snuggling up to watch Christmas films, so why not use cushion covers and blankets with
Santa, reindeer, snow and other seasonal designs? Perhaps your favourite place to enjoy
holidays films is your own bed. Adding Christmas duvet sets, blankets or bedspreads can
make any bedroom the ideal place to lose yourself in a light-hearted holiday romance or your
preferred version of a Christmas Carol.
The kitchen is the heart of the home, regardless of what size the home is. Tablecloths and
table runners take up no space at all, but they make a big statement if they are decorated in
holly, Christmas trees, robins or other holiday images. Holiday tea towels are another fun
way to bring Christmas to your kitchen without taking up any precious space. They’ll even
make washing up more fun.


Christmas Decorations for Ireland’s Smallest Homes

If you live in a small space, a traditional Christmas tree might not be a very workable option.
But you can still enjoy some decorated greenery! The right Christmas garland can add a
similar look as a tree. Add them to shelves, windowsills, mantles, and the tops of wardrobes
and presses for a festive touch that doesn’t take up any space. Or you can get really creative
and make a ‘tree’ by taking several and attaching them to a wall in a triangle shape. Put the
ends together at the top, and fan them out toward the floor. Attach a star to the top, and
voila! You have a flat but festive Christmas tree.
This is the season for magic. When you live in a small space you learn all kinds of creative
ways to live a big life in it. You can use that magical creativity now to deck your halls and
bring the holiday home with seasonal duvet covers, blankets, cushion covers and other
homewares from Guiney’s.

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