Brighten your Winter with Mirrors, Lamps & More

Although we’ve passed the winter solstice and the days are slowly getting longer, this time of
year can be tough for many because the days are so dark. The sun seems to be working
only part-time, and even during our short daylight hours, the clouds often block it. But we can
bring more light into our homes with a few easy and affordable decorating strategies. Using
mirrors, table lamps and cushion covers, we can brighten our living spaces – and our moods
– as we wait for spring.


Brighten up your home

Table Lamps & Mirrors Bring the Light

Adding table lamps to dim corners of a room is a quick and effective fix. A lamp with a
metallic coloured base and a light shade will be more effective than a darker or heavier
lamp. The right lamp can really add personality to a room, whether your taste is traditional or
more modern. Tripod lamps allow you to direct the light exactly where you want it.
Wall mirrors reflect and amplify the light that is in the room, while also creating a sense of
spaciousness. They are especially effective in small rooms. Today’s options are creative, fun
and bright. You can go with a simple, classic single mirror or choose one with multiple panes
and decorative touches. Adding a mirror to your sitting room, dining room or hall will
enhance the available light.

More Bright Touches for Your Home

Small details make a room. Something as simple as your cushion covers can affect the
overall feel of the space. And cushion covers are an inexpensive way to change things up.
You can easily switch them a few times a year depending on the season. A diamante
cushion cover adds an elegant reflective surface to a room, making it brighter. But any lighter
colour will help, and patterns are fun too.

Curtains are not a simple matter. They are a pillar of a room’s style, but they also have a
very practical role. They control the amount of light in the room, provide privacy and insulate
against draughts. In winter, it makes sense to have heavier curtains to keep a room warmer,
but using a lighter colour will create a sense of light and openness. Voile curtains are a
beautiful solution for a window when draughts are not a concern, particular a south-facing

Winter in Ireland can feel very long and even dreary. Once the holiday season is finished,
taking some time to freshen up a few details in the home can really make your home – and
your mood – brighter. This doesn’t involve spending much money or time. A few simple and
affordable touches can have a huge impact. It’s a matter of taking a long, hard look at a
room to see what is needed to brighten it. Sometimes just adding a table lamp to the right
spot or changing the cushion covers can improve the whole feel of a space.

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