All of our curtains come in pairs unless otherwise stated. Sizes indicated are always width x length for one panel/curtain unless otherwise stated. For example, 66x90" is a curtain that is 66" wide and 90" length for one panel. If the curtain is a pair, the total width is 132" wide and 90" long.

Net Curtains

Our net curtains are sold by the metre. When choosing the correct drop/width for your window simply measure the width and drop of your window. Choose the appropriate drop for the dropdown menu on the product page and enter the number of metres you want. It is possible to buy by the half metre by entering .5 into the quantity box.

We recommend buying twice the width of your window so your curtains will gather and have a fuller look. For example if your window measures 2 metres across, you should enter 4 into the quantity box.


Curtains Headings


This classic curtain heading received its name due to the style resembling a row of pencils laid side by side. Pencil pleat consists of tightly gathered folds that retain their shape by a cord being pulled on the heading tape. This means the cord can be adjusted slightly to the width of the window. Pencil pleat curtain headings can be used with either curtain poles or tracks, ensuring a good fit for any window area. All of our curtain poles come with rings.


These are made of fabric loops that hang from curtain poles and are both easy to fit and offer a contemporary look. Tab top curtains are an excellent choice if you would also like to make a feature of your curtain pole.


Chrome ring top (also known as eyelet) comes complete with reinforced metal holes at the top of the curtain heading, making them ideal for hanging sumptuous, heavy materials from curtain poles.


Slot top curtains have an opening zone at the top (open on both ends) where the curtain pole can be threaded through. The curtain is then gathered across the top.

Lined or Unlined

Lined Curtains are great for:

Insulation - closed curtains help keep out draughts whilst trapping heat in the room.
Protection - lined curtains give an added level of resistance against strong sunlight that may contribute to material deterioration over time.
Hanging - lined curtains add extra weight - which allows them to hang better.

Unlined Curtains are great for:

Low maintenance - unlined curtains can be washed at home with no need for dry cleaning
Keeping a room cool - unlined curtains allow air to pass through easily - ideal for keeping temperatures lower in the summer.
Achieving a lighter look - unlined curtains allow more light into the room giving a lighter look that works best in smaller spaces.



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