Rugs Add Warmth to Your Home

Spring is a great time to spruce up your home with some fresh looks. And if you can justify it
by finding things that are also environmentally friendly ways to use less heating fuel, all the
better! Insulation is critical to keeping the heat inside your home. But insulation isn’t just for
wall cavities and attics. Good, lined curtains can provide important insulation for your
windows, and even large rugs can help keep a room warmer. That is actually why people
started making rugs - to keep their homes warmer.
Bedroom rugs obviously feel warmer to bare toes than a wood floor, but they will also trap
heat in the room. They prevent it from seeping out. The larger and thicker the rug, the more
insulation it provides. Living room rugs do the same, and they are also more comfortable for
children playing on the floor.

Carpet Vs Rugs

Laying carpet over the entire floor will keep the room warmer than a rug, but it has some
drawbacks. Wood floors are gorgeous, and if you’ve invested in a good one, you probably
don’t want to spend even more money covering it up. Even large carpets will leave enough
of the floor visible around the edges of the room for you to still enjoy the beauty of wood or

Carpets are a commitment. Once they are down, taking them up is a big job. Whereas it’s
easy to change living room rugs if you decide to redecorate or if you only want to use the rug
in the colder months. You can move a rug around easily to experiment with how it looks in
different parts of the room.

You can vacuum your living room or bedroom rug, and you can take it outside in fine weather
for a good shaking and airing. A carpet isn’t going anywhere unless it is going for good, so
you can’t air it out. And if you’ve ever taken out an old carpet, you know the disadvantages
of not being able to clean underneath it.

How to Choose the Right Rugs

You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a nice rug in Ireland. Guiney’s has rugs for sale at
prices that fit most budgets. The obvious considerations are the size, colour and style. (Do
take the time to measure the area where you plan to put the rug before you go shopping!)
But what is equally important is how the material used meets your household’s needs. If you
have children or pets, polypropylene is a good choice for living room rugs because it is
stain-resistant, water-resistant and durable.

Spring in Ireland can still be quite cool, so finding ways to stretch your heating budget until
the warmer months can make a difference. Whether you’re shopping for bedroom rugs so
you don’t start the day by stepping onto a cold floor or living room rugs to make your
evenings cosier, it is a very affordable and environmentally friendly way to add a bit of

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