Picking a Hat your Baby will Wear

Baby vs hat. It’s a battle many hats – and parents- have fought and lost. Who hasn’t spotted
a sweet, tiny hat somewhere along a path while out walking? But in winter, little ones need to
be warm. Bundling them up in warm baby clothes when you’re going out is essential. And
baby hats aren’t just adorable; they’re important. So how do you get your baby to leave the
hat on their head instead of flinging it across the room? Hint – it does not involve glue! The
secret is finding a hat your baby doesn’t mind wearing.

When it comes to baby clothes, parents and infants don’t always see eye to eye. Adults
might oooh and aww over tiny frilly baby girl clothes, but if something isn’t soft and
comfortable, it won’t pass muster with the one who is supposed to wear it. The same goes
for hats.

What Babies Want in a Hat

While adults want baby hats to be warm and adorable, babies are pretty focused on comfort.
Here are some things to consider when picking a hat, or any baby clothes really.
· Does the material feel nice and soft? Chenille and cotton are excellent options because
they are so comfortable. Check for seams that might annoy a baby.
· Hats with little animal ears or other decorations just make the heart melt, but babies
don’t like any stray bits around their face. Make sure any fun extras are up at the top of
the baby hat, where they won’t become a nuisance – or worse, a choking hazard.
· Babies grow so fast – but fit is important. A hat that is too loose will slip off easily or slide
down too close to the eyes. If it is too tight, the hat will be uncomfortable and might irate
the baby’s delicate skin.

Getting Strategic

Sometimes, babies will reject even the most comfortable hat. Or they’ll be fine for a while,
then decide to ditch the hat. Babies go through a developmental stage where they throw
objects away. It might drive parents up a wall, but it is normal and important for their
understanding of the world. Baby’s hat can easily become a victim of this stage, no matter
how soft and perfectly fitting it is. This is where chin straps come in handy.

For very determined babies, it makes sense to just surrender and go with hoods instead!
Baby clothes in Ireland often feature a hood because of our cool climate

Babies need to get fresh air. It’s important to pop them the pram, buggy, pushchair, stroller or
sling and head out for a walk daily, weather permitting. Seeing the world is vital for their
mental development, and it helps them sleep. Who can argue with that?! In winter, they just
need the right baby clothes for Ireland’s climate so keep them warm. And that includes hats
that they’ll wear.

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