Best Tools for Healthy Cooking

This is the point in the year where it becomes obvious that all those fantastic New Year's
resolutions might be a bit more work than we expected. Our health is often the focus of our
resolutions, and our diet is the foundation of our health. Home-cooked food is generally
healthier because it is free of so many additives and we can choose to use fresh,
unprocessed ingredients.

One key to sticking to those good resolutions to eat better is to make cooking less of a
chore. Meal planning and batch cooking can really help, but so can the basic tools in your
kitchen. Don’t let frustration with the lack of proper homewares in the kitchen get between
you and your goals. A few small purchases can pay for themselves quickly if they mean you
cook at home more and eat out less. 

Homewares that Make Cooking Easier

Of course you can prepare delicious, healthy meals with just the basics, but some homeware
tools can make things easier. Here’s a few top recommendations for less-than-obvious
healthy cooking hacks.

· Using your microwave isn’t cheating. It’s a much healthier way to cook than frying. And
using an inexpensive fish steamer gives you great results with less cleaning, and no
lingering fishy smell. Salmon is an excellent source of protein and omega 3. The easier it
is to prepare, the more likely we are to eat enough of it.

· Trying new recipes can be a fun way to make sure we’re getting enough different
vegetables in our diet. But it does mean we need to measure precisely. Sure, most of us
have a kitchen scale, but what about a measuring jug? Take the guesswork out of new
dishes, and make life easier by picking a glass one that you can pop in the microwave
and dishwasher.

· Certain cooking tasks are a real pain without the right tools. Chopping vegetables with a
dull knife is frustrating. Whisking with an ordinary fork from your cutlery set won’t always
do the job. Quality knives and a proper whisk are important tools in every kitchen.

· Making Asian foods at home means you can enjoy the healthy version instead of the
often unhealthy take-away version of your favourite Chinese or Japanese dishes. A wok
is a key tool for this, and thankfully you can now get non-stick, easy-to-use ones.

Cleaning up is never the fun part of cooking, but you can minimise the mess. If you’re
cooking right after dashing home from work, or if you’ve got somewhere to be after you cook,
the last thing you want to do is mess up your clothing. A simple apron can save the day –
and save you time because you won’t have to change clothes or do extra laundry.
Keeping your commitment to eating better isn’t easy. Planning and preparing healthy meals
does take time. But with the right homewares and kitchen tools, the job is easier and the
results are better. 

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