Benefits of Blackout Curtains

When the long-awaited summer sun arrives in Ireland, it seems determined to make up for
the rest of the year by shining late into the night. That’s grand if you are out on the patio
relaxing on a Saturday night, but it can be a problem if you have children or a job that
demands you arrive there in the morning. It can also be annoying if you’re trying to create a
cinema style atmosphere to watch a film. Blackout curtains are the easiest way to solve this


You don’t need to change your curtain pole or rail to fit your new blackout curtains. If you
have poles for eyelet curtains, you can simply buy eyelet blackout curtains. They are
available in a huge range of colours. For tape top curtains, also known as pencil pleat
curtains, you can buy tape top blackout curtain lining to add to the ones you already have.
The lining will be slightly shorter so it doesn't show at the bottom. What if you absolutely love
everything about your curtains except the way the light gets through them? You can
purchase blackout lining for curtains by the metre. If you’re handy, you can add it yourself,
but if you are stuck, you will find that many places that do clothing alterations will also add
lining to your curtains.

Why Use Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are simply curtains with a lining that blocks out light. That extra layer of
lining also keeps heat in during the winter and muffles street noise. Best of all, the price is on
par with ordinary curtains and they came in every colour and style imaginable. So you can
block out the light, cold and noise while making your home even more beautiful. This helps people in so many different situations.

· Parents of young children know it can be hard enough to get them to bed when it is dark
and quiet out. During summer when it is light until long after their bedtime, blackout
curtains can really help.

· Shift workers need their sleep during the day, and being able to get a bedroom dark
helps you drift off for a good sleep even on a summer afternoon.

· City dwellers can be plagued by light leaking into their bedrooms long after the sun has
gone down. Streetlights, neon signs and even windows too close to your own need to be
effectively blocked to promote healthy sleep.

· People in older houses might not be annoyed by light leaking in, but those charming
older windows can let in a draught. Quality blackout curtains can stop that as well as they
stop light, keeping your house warmer without using any extra fuel.

Whatever your reason to keep light out of a room, you don’t have to sacrifice style. You don’t
even have to change the curtains you have now if you opt for blackout lining for curtains. Or
if you need an excuse to update your windows, you’ve just found a great one!

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